Digital Imaging is all about getting the best out of your digital camera and/or scanner.

A modern PC together with a digital camera and a scanner opens up a whole new way of looking at pictures. You can put photos on the web or email them to family and friends.  You can print them out .  You can combine two or more images to create something completely different.

The problem is that all this stuff takes time and knowledge.  Many people have enough trouble getting an acceptable print!

We can help!!

We provide a range of short courses delivered in your own home (or business premises) designed to make your pictures great - whether in print or for the Web. What you learn in the session is reinforced by further exercises and practice for you to do on your own.

bullet What do I Need?
Consultation covering what cameras or scanners will be suitable for your needs.  We can save you money by picking the best models and help you save more by finding the best deals.  We keep up to date so you don't have to.

bullet Setting Up the System
Colour Matching
bullet Getting it Right
Cropping and Straightening
    Levels and Curves
    Colour Balance
    Brightness and Contrast

bullet Printing
    Ink and paper
    Colour management
bullet The Internet and Email
File types

bullet Combining Images
  Layers, masks and more

bullet Scanning Photos
    Colour Balance

bullet Restoring Photos
    Removing damage


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