More and more households and businesses are finding they use more than one computer.  Often a desktop computer is joined by a laptop or netbook.  This is when the benefits of a small network become apparent. 

Setting up a network allows you to share peripherals like printers between two or more computers (saving the cost of a printer for each PC) and back up files from one computer on another. 

You can also share files between PCs.  This allows you to, for example keep all your photos and videos on a desktop PC but look at them on any PC on the network.  In a small business scenario all your invoices and account files could be kept on the office computer but taken home to work on in the evening on a laptop.  When you come back in the morning the files update automatically. 

Now that wireless networking is both reliable and affordable, networking has become much easier and less disruptive to set up.

We can set up your network for you, configure everything to suit what you want to do and make sure it is secured against uninvited users.


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